5 Psychological Studies That Will Change Your Life


how to Change Your Life

Numerous psychological studies have been conducted throughout the past century, and while some of them were considered to be barbaric and inhumane, others generated results that have radically changed psychotherapy and psychiatry, as we know them today. These psychological studies can also change your life to a certain extent, by simply changing your mindset and the way you see things. With that in mind, here you will find some of the most revolutionary psychological studies that can have a tremendous impact on your life:

1. The 2003 Study On How Power Changes The Way We Think

One of the most important and controversial studies ever conducted was the one published in the Psychological Review Journal back in 2003. The study aimed to reveal that those who are in a position of power often treat others (usually the ones they consider to be inferior) with disrespect.

The study was actually a very simple but conclusive one: it involved two students who were asked to write a paper and then to ask each other to evaluate it. The study has revealed that whenever people are given power of any kind, they are more prone to flirt directly, to get physical with those they consider to be inferior, to be straightforward and also to be the first ones to negotiate a deal. The results of this study can be particularly important for those who hold an important position, such as that of CEO, although they can benefit everybody.

2. The Study Conducted By The San Francisco State University In 2009

Another very important psychological study that can really impact your life is the one conducted by the San Francisco University, six years ago. The results of the study are rather simple, and they come as no surprise to many of us: the study has concluded that people who “buy experiences”, such as holidays, are a lot happier than those who buy material things. In other words, physical possessions do not lead to happiness – experiences do.

However, these experiences are not limited to vacations: buying something as simple as a movie ticket or a dinner at the restaurant can actually make somebody happy, mainly because they tend to satisfy higher order needs and they make us feel more alive than buying electronics or any other type of possession.


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