8 Ways To Use Psychology To Get More Friends


to get more friendsKeep Your Thoughts to Yourself

Whether you’re a grammar fiend or a stickler for facts, try to avoid correcting people if they’re wrong.

Your potential buddy won’t find it endearing, in fact, it’ll likely put them off wanting to talk to you. Telling someone upfront that they’re wrong can be damaging to their self esteem. Instead, try to explain why they’re wrong politely. Listen to their points and then explain your feelings and why you’ve come to that conclusion.

Keep an Eye on their Feet

Following on to the psychological approach, Psychology Today also recommends looking at people’s feet in order to make friends. Sound strange? Don’t be so sure – the psychology behind it is sound!

To put things fairly simply, looking at peoples’ feet in a crowded room may in fact indicate who is willing to accept a new member into their group and who would prefer to be left alone.

If members of a larger group are formed in a semi-circle arrangement with their feet pointing outwards, this may be a clear indication they are welcoming to newcomers.

However, if the group are facing each other with their backs to others in the room and their feet pointing inwards, it is very possible they’re hoping to keep their conversations private for the mean time. It’s surprisingly clear to see how psychology can affect our opportunities for friendship, showing just how complex the process can be. Use this to your advantage by researching social psychology and ensuring you remember as many tips and trick as you can in order to build up rapports with your desired peers and social groups.



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