10 Bad Things A Stressful Job Can Cause

If your job is particularly stressful, then there are a number of things that you need to look out for. You see, while some people thrive on the stress it can be crippling to other people and get to a point where it actually impedes their quality of life. In short, even though you may be paid pretty well for your job, is it worth continuing if it does the following to you?

It Can Make You Shorter

OK, so this is going to sound pretty crazy, but a stressful job can actually make you shorter during the day. You see, as the day progresses we already shrink by around one percent of our height thanks to gravity etc, but studies have shown that this increases if you are stressed at work. The reason is that when you are stressed it causes you to really tense up your muscles and when you do this it leads to more fluid being pressed out from between your spine, which happens naturally, and you end up being shorter.

It Causes You To Have Memory Issues

Stress has a profound effect on the brain and one of the main things that it does is it encourages your brain to produce excess amounts of adrenaline and cortisol. It has been shown in studies that high levels of both of these chemicals will eventually lead to you developing memory issues and also make it more likely that you will eventually develop depression on some level.

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