10 Bad Things A Stressful Job Can Cause

Stressful Job Result
It Could Make You Diabetic

It is entirely possible that stress could end up making you diabetic and it is all because of the impact that it has on your liver. The reason is because stress encourages the fight or flight idea, but your body needs more energy for either one, so when you are stressed at work your liver is producing more blood sugar to give you that energy. However, when it happens over a prolonged period of time, it can ultimately result in increasing your chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

You Could Develop A Rash

Stress and the development of skin conditions is something that is very well understood. The reason for this is that stress can ultimately have a negative impact on a part of your brain that deals with us feeling itchy in general. The outcome is that we can feel like scratching our skin and ultimately develop a whole host of different skin conditions and rashes.

You Could Develop Breathing Problems

When we are stressed it is known that we tend to breathe more often. That is why some people will tend to hyperventilate when they are highly stressed and when this happens on a regular basis it does tend to lead to that individual being more likely to develop chest infections. In other words, stress can result in your breathing becoming very difficult and ultimately lead to an upper respiratory infection.

Your Brain Is Going To Get Smaller

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