10 Bad Things A Stressful Job Can Cause

Stressful Job Result
It Can Damage Your Heart

If you are under constant stress at work, then it can be bad news for your heart. This is because stress has been known to increase the chances of your arteries narrowing and also increasing your cholesterol levels to a point where a heart attack is pretty much guaranteed. Have you ever wondered why so many people in stressful jobs end up having heart conditions, well now you know.

It Will Mess Around With Your Stomach

You are probably familiar with the idea that stress has an impact on your stomach, but you probably do not fully understand the exact ins and outs of it all. However, the understanding that we have is that stress alters the part of the brain that deals with your stomach signals and how your body regulates what goes on in your gut. The outcome is that you tend to feel as if you could vomit and it is all down to that stress you are feeling.

It Plays Havoc With Your Immune System.

Stress is going to make it more likely that you will pick up all of those bugs that are flying around all of the time. The reason is because your immune system is going to be more run down due to dealing with the increased levels of hormones in your system, so it no longer has the strength to really combat any invaders. So, your job really can make you feel pretty horrible.

Of course the best way to solve all of these problems is to change job to something that is a lot less stressful. As we said at the start, there are some people that simply love the stress and it does not bother them the same way, but for others it can push them over the edge. Just remember that stress can be a killer if it is not tackled and when you see how it can affect all of the main organs in your body in some way, then surely that is good enough reason to make those changes?

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