11 Body Signs Showing That Someone is Lying To You - Page 3 of 5

6. Covering the Mouth

Someone who is lying may automatically cover their mouth with their hands when they are reluctant to respond to a question or issue. The connotation of covering the lips is clear, even when done subconsciously. It is a direct message that they are shutting down all communication and have no intention of telling the truth.


7.Covering Vulnerable Areas – Similarly, a dishonest person may cover areas that they consider vulnerable, such as the throat, head, chest or abdomen. Glass refers to her own experiences working in a courtroom setting, where defendants would often cover their throat upon hearing an uncomfortable testimony.

8. Shuffling their Feet

This is a trait you’ll likely have heard of when considering the behavior of liars. The shuffling of the feet is the body’s way of using up nervous energy, showing the individual is on edge and uncomfortable with the situation. It is also a sign they wish to walk away from the scenario. Glass suggests that the feet are a key point when detecting dishonesty.

9. Difficulty Speaking

Want to know a great method how to tell if someone is lying to you? Try to notice if they have a hard time speaking. Even if the person has no history of speech difficulties, they may find it hard to speak when under the pressure of a lie. Glass explains that this is caused by the body’s nervous system decreasing the salivary flow during a stressful time, which dries out the mucous membranes of the mouth.

However, this is not the only giveaway relating to the mouth. Liars have also been known to exhibit lip biting or pursed lips.