12 Life Changing Things You Must Know About The Human Brain

 Life Changing Things in The Human Brain

The human brain is an amazing thing to study, but we only know a small percentage of what it is capable of doing. However, the average person knows next to nothing about its capabilities and that is one reason why the list that follows can make for some very interesting reading.

 Blood Vessels

If you put all of the blood vessels in the brain together and side by side, then it would measure in the region of 100,000 miles. That is a crazy amount of blood vessels in that small space and it does show you how the brain is seen as being such a complex thing to study as there is just so much going on in there.

It Needs Oxygen
People know that the brain needs oxygen in order to work, but did you know that if you do not have oxygen getting there for between five to ten minutes, then it is going to lead to permanent brain damage. At this point, brain cells start to die off and indeed the damage can continue to be done for some time after the oxygen supply has been restored.

It Is Fatty

We are all told that fat is bad for us, but the brain is actually the organ in the body that is made up of the most fat. It actually consists of 60% of fat which is a huge amount, but it is all required for it to work correctly.

Stress Can Alter It

Scientists have shown that repeated exposure to stress can lead to structural changes inside the brain. Stress can change brain cells, and also how it functions and this can, in turn, have a negative impact on your ability to do simple tasks. It also explains how we can think more clearly when we destress and why meditation is of such a benefit to us.

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