12 Life Changing Things You Must Know About The Human Brain

 Life Changing Things in The Human Brain

The Late 40’s Is A Turning Point

We are used to us developing physically throughout our teens, but did you know that your brain keeps on developing until you reach your late 40’s? It is still growing and evolving for all of those years, but of course it does then mean that the opposite can start to happen hence things such as dementia happening mainly to people in their 70’s and 80’s.

When You Have A Memory, A New Connection Is Made

Memories are amazing things, but for us to be able to recall them it does mean that our brain has to know how to deal with them. It does this by forming a brand new connection every single time we have a memory, so it basically creates a hook on which to hang that thought so that it is catalogued away and makes it easier for us to recall it when required to do so.

Your Brain Size At Birth

Did you know that when you were born that the size of your brain almost matches that of when you are an adult? It also contains almost the correct amount of brain cells that you will ever have in your brain and it is pretty amazing to think that it is so developed when you are still inside the womb.

How You Can Be Less Intelligent

Believe it or not, but some people that are perhaps not as intelligent as others can have a medical reason for it. There is a virus out there that can attack your DNA and as a direct result of this can lead to you being less intelligent than others. The same virus can also reduce your ability to remember things and affect pretty much everyday functions.