12 Life Changing Things You Must Know About The Human Brain

 Life Changing Things in The Human Brain
Going Unconscious

If you have fainted and gone unconscious for a period of time, then it means that your brain has been starved of blood for only eight to ten seconds. Your brain actually uses up 20% of the total amount of blood in your body, so it does play a vital role in your ability to actually be alive as can be seen by the small amount of time it takes for you to collapse when it is not getting as much blood as it needs in order to function.

You Can Light Up A Light Bulb

The brain produces electrical charge during the day and over the course of the hours that you are awake it could, in theory, power a small light bulb. This is cool, but of course there is no way that it could actually happen but it does show you the power that the brain has on a daily basis.

Your Brain Means You Cannot Tickle Yourself

Have you ever wondered why you are unable to tickle yourself? It is all because of your brain and the way in which it knows you are about to touch yourself whereas when you are being tickled it is the unexpected nature of when that person makes contact. The fact that it can distinguish between the two is why you are not surprised when you go and touch your own body.

We React Different To Pain

It has been shown that due to difference in the brain, we react differently to pain depending on our gender. That is why the different sexes always argue that something is more painful than the other could imagine, but that is simply because of how we see things completely differently.
Estrogen Improves Brain Function.
It has been shown that levels of estrogen in the body will play a role in how well your brain functions. The more of it there is in the body, then the quicker you think, the sharper you are, and the less confused you will be. Estrogen is in both male and female bodies, but it stands to reason that having more of it via medication could help the brain in so many ways.

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