20 Best Deep Questions To Ask For a Great Conversation

Good questions are always the base or foundation of a great conversation. Many times boring or cliché questions will just end the conversation abruptly and let you and the other person feeling awkward. Questions like what’s going on? Or what’s new in your life has already become so old and clichéd that people just answer and before you know it the conversation ends.

As Mr Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) would put it: great topics or questions turns an ordinary conversation into a cover-sensation. Also, a deep question should be something that forces the other people to actually think or something that can be fun to talk about. A deep question doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring or intellectual type. Your question should be dependent on different situations as well; you don’t want to appear ignorant or just a douche by asking wrong questions at the wrong time.

Here are some great questions you can use to start a great conversation.

1. What is your passion?
If a person is really passionate about something, they will appreciate such questions. This enables them to open up about something that they really believe in, and when people talk about something that they are passionate about, you can learn a lot about the person too.

2. How would you sum up the internet in one word?
Internet, in general, can be seen as a galaxy in itself. When it comes to the internet, everybody has their own unique way of perceiving it. Hence, it would be really interesting and intriguing as well to understand how they feel about it.

3. What does being an optimist mean to you?
Okay, we all know what an optimist is. But, the word has become so cliché that people just it even if they have the whole adverse nature. It would rather be more interesting to know what their idea of an optimist character is.

4. What super power do you wish you had and why?
Yes, it’s not a practical question. But that’s the whole point of the question. When you give others a chance to explore their fantasy, it opens a door of infinite possibilities. Their answer and their reasoning can really surprise you in a positive way.

5. What do you consider as an ideal partner?
Of course, everybody wants the same old simple and loving partner and blah, blah, but that’s just the accepted and most common answer. A wise person will always have more to contribute than just the same old answer

6. Would you prefer traveling every day or not travel at all?
Some people are introverts and some the paradoxical of it. But often times even to an introvert the idea of traveling can be intriguing. If they do, it opens up an exotic conversation about their perception of traveling

7. How would you define an ideal world?
The answer is of infinite proportion, and everyone has their own idea of what “ideal” means to them. This question can really open up a lot of things about the person. The way they think or the way they see the system and how they would approach it differently

8. Do you think it’s hypocritical to criticize our corrupt system?
The question may appear to be politically oriented, but it’s always amusing to see what people think about the system that everybody so easily criticizes. Do they blame the system or the people who contribute to that establishment?

9. Do you believe in God? And why?
A straightforward question, and again one of those topics that can open up endless topics and produce productive discussions

10. What quality in other people attract you the most and why?
The kind of quality that a person prioritizes can, in turn, say a lot about their personal character as well

11. What music genre do you like best?
Instead of the traditional-“what band do you listen to” question, a music genre opens a wider topic to discuss about. No matter what kind of a person they are, they will always have something to say about music

12. How would you describe social networking?
Social networking despite its popularity has its fair share of divided opinions. It would be interesting to see what they think or at least how they think it should function.

13. How would you define a miracle?
It doesn’t necessarily have to be religion-oriented. You can encourage them to answer in any way that they think defies logic

14. What do you do to impress others deliberately?
Sometimes people do too much to impress others, even if it’s something that they are not proud of. It’s human nature after all. When you ask this question dump your judgemental nature aside and respond positively

15. What is that one thing that you will probably never do?
This can either be something that they are scared of or something where they would draw the line on. Either way, it can be a fun topic or serious one that defines what type of a person they are

16. Do you have any uncommon belief that you hold?
The answer can be anything depending on what the person believes in, but it sure can have a lot of depth about the origin of their belief or their present form as well

17. Would you rather prefer doing things right or doing the right things?
There really no simple answer to this. In fact, there is only a minor distinction between the two. Doing things right may always not necessarily mean it’s the right thing

18. What is that one thing that you will never give up on?
It could be anything that a person strongly believes in or something that they are deeply passionate about even if the odds are stacked against them

19. What is love to you?
It can be any form of love that they feel deeply about (romantic, friendship, family etc.)

20. Where do you want to be in the next five years?
This may sound like a common interview question, but it really shows how determined a person is or how clearly they set their goals

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