20 Best Deep Questions To Ask For a Great Conversation

Good questions are always the base or foundation of a great conversation. Many times boring or cliché questions will just end the conversation abruptly and let you and the other person feeling awkward. Questions like what’s going on? Or what’s new in your life has already become so old and clichéd that people just answer and before you know it the conversation ends.

As Mr Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) would put it: great topics or questions turns an ordinary conversation into a cover-sensation. Also, a deep question should be something that forces the other people to actually think or something that can be fun to talk about. A deep question doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring or intellectual type. Your question should be dependent on different situations as well; you don’t want to appear ignorant or just a douche by asking wrong questions at the wrong time.

Here are some great questions you can use to start a great conversation.

1. What is your passion?
If a person is really passionate about something, they will appreciate such questions. This enables them to open up about something that they really believe in, and when people talk about something that they are passionate about, you can learn a lot about the person too.

2. How would you sum up the internet in one word?
Internet, in general, can be seen as a galaxy in itself. When it comes to the internet, everybody has their own unique way of perceiving it. Hence, it would be really interesting and intriguing as well to understand how they feel about it.