20 Best Deep Questions To Ask For a Great Conversation - Page 2 of 5

3. What does being an optimist mean to you?
Okay, we all know what an optimist is. But, the word has become so cliché that people just it even if they have the whole adverse nature. It would rather be more interesting to know what their idea of an optimist character is.

4. What super power do you wish you had and why?
Yes, it’s not a practical question. But that’s the whole point of the question. When you give others a chance to explore their fantasy, it opens a door of infinite possibilities. Their answer and their reasoning can really surprise you in a positive way.

5. What do you consider as an ideal partner?
Of course, everybody wants the same old simple and loving partner and blah, blah, but that’s just the accepted and most common answer. A wise person will always have more to contribute than just the same old answer

6. Would you prefer traveling every day or not travel at all?
Some people are introverts and some the paradoxical of it. But often times even to an introvert the idea of traveling can be intriguing. If they do, it opens up an exotic conversation about their perception of traveling