20 Best Deep Questions To Ask For a Great Conversation - Page 3 of 5

7. How would you define an ideal world?
The answer is of infinite proportion, and everyone has their own idea of what “ideal” means to them. This question can really open up a lot of things about the person. The way they think or the way they see the system and how they would approach it differently

8. Do you think it’s hypocritical to criticize our corrupt system?
The question may appear to be politically oriented, but it’s always amusing to see what people think about the system that everybody so easily criticizes. Do they blame the system or the people who contribute to that establishment?

9. Do you believe in God? And why?
A straightforward question, and again one of those topics that can open up endless topics and produce productive discussions

10. What quality in other people attract you the most and why?
The kind of quality that a person prioritizes can, in turn, say a lot about their personal character as well