20 Best Deep Questions To Ask For a Great Conversation - Page 4 of 5

11. What music genre do you like best?
Instead of the traditional-“what band do you listen to” question, a music genre opens a wider topic to discuss about. No matter what kind of a person they are, they will always have something to say about music

12. How would you describe social networking?
Social networking despite its popularity has its fair share of divided opinions. It would be interesting to see what they think or at least how they think it should function.

13. How would you define a miracle?
It doesn’t necessarily have to be religion-oriented. You can encourage them to answer in any way that they think defies logic

14. What do you do to impress others deliberately?
Sometimes people do too much to impress others, even if it’s something that they are not proud of. It’s human nature after all. When you ask this question dump your judgemental nature aside and respond positively

15. What is that one thing that you will probably never do?
This can either be something that they are scared of or something where they would draw the line on. Either way, it can be a fun topic or serious one that defines what type of a person they are