5 Psychological Tricks to Defeat Depression

To Defeat Depression
Engage your Brain

According to Stephen Ilardi, author of The Depression Cure: The 6-Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs, ruminating has been linked to depression and is best avoided when aiming to keep your mind healthy. However, it can be easily avoided by keeping your brain actively engaged.

Ilardi goes on to explain that interacting with others is a great way to ensure your brain’s maximum engagement, although in today’s society, you may have to put some effort in to accomplish that.

He discusses the fact that many jobs today are isolated, in that many of us spend more time individually working with a computer, rather than as a team. Taking a moment to interact with another person will keep your brain distracted from negative thoughts and won’t give it a chance to dwell on anything that may drag you down.

Enjoy the Sunshine

As if you needed more reasons to get out and enjoy a warm summer’s day, here’s another one. Sunlight exposure has been linked to depression. The amount of light you absorb each day is tracked by the brain, and is then used to keep your body clock in check.

Without exposure to sunlight, your body clock is thrown off and will fall out of sync. When this happens, your energy, sleep, appetite and hormone levels all end up off balance, which can trigger depression.

Due to natural sunlight being far brighter than indoor lighting, even when it’s cloudy, half an hour of sunlight could be all it takes to reset your body clock and ensure your circadian rhythms are regulated.

Know when to seek Support

Social support can be invaluable to sufferers of depression. Stephanie Brown, a researcher at the University of Michigan explains how the hormones involved in bonding and helpful behavior can help to reduce levels of stress and anxiety in both humans and animals. This is linked to the increased levels of progesterone. This support doesn’t necessarily have to come from a professional. Talking things out with a significant other or close friend could be all it takes to rid yourself of negativity.

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