5 Reasons Why Your Intelligence Is Your Enemy

Ernest Hemingway said: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”. How many times has it happened to you to come across very wise people who were actually lonely and unhappy? The reason why intelligent people tend to have a harder time is because they are rarely satisfied with themselves, they are in the constant pursuit of perfection, they want to be the best version of themselves and they always tend to overthink and overanalyze things, which is very good – to a certain extent. Nonetheless, if you are not careful, your mind can easily become your worst enemy and it can wreak havoc on both your professional and your personal life. Here are some of the most obvious reasons why your intelligence is also your worst enemy sometimes:

1. You Constantly Doubt Yourself

Another true quote, this time by Charles Bukowski, goes like this – “The problem with today’s world is that while intelligent people are full of doubts, the stupid ones are very self-confident”. Most intelligent people are constantly doubting themselves and some of them even have a very low self-confidence and self-esteem, and this often happens because they have a rather objective view – both of the world and of themselves. Some amount of self-doubt is good to a point, as it stimulates you and makes you want to become better and better, however, if you are constantly doubting yourself this can only lead to frustration and it can even hinder your progress, on all levels. When you doubt yourself, you automatically limit your potential.

2. You Always Tend To Overthink Everything

Unless you are trying to discover a new physics formula, nothing good will ever come out of overthinking – on the contrary, it often turns out to be very counterproductive, and this trait is typical to intelligent people with an IQ that is well-above average. Intelligent people always tend to contemplate solutions, to twist and turn everything and to pay attention to the smallest detail, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, when there is a constant struggle between your mind and your heart/intuition, overthinking can be a real problem that can eventually interfere with your interpersonal relationships.


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