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Intelligence - Your Enemy

Expecting a lot from yourself is normal and it means that you are always up for a challenge and you are ready to step out of your comfort zone – however, the real danger occurs when you fail to manage your expectations properly, and when you forget that there are some things that you have absolutely no control over. Unless you accept that some things are out of your reach, you risk to face frustration along with a constant feeling of guilt.

5. You Are Afraid Of Being Vulnerable And You Are Always Your Worst Critic

One of the main reasons why your intelligence may turn out to be your worst enemy is the fact that wise and sophisticated people are usually very self-sufficient and they always raise their guard up. They refuse to let everybody “have a sneak peek” at their soul, and they are afraid of showing their vulnerable side – this often happens because they were hurt in the past and they do not want to go through that ever again. On the other hand, although intelligent people are also the most well-guarded ones, it still takes a great deal of intelligence to acknowledge your vulnerability, to accept it and to consciously choose to show it to other people. Sometimes, there is nothing more rewarding than revealing your true, authentic self to other people, and being truly loved and appreciated for who you really are.


At the same time, intelligent people are often very harsh with themselves – they always judge their own character and they constantly criticize themselves, even when it is not their fault. They are never fully content with themselves and they carefully analyze themselves and pay attention to the slightest detail, beating themselves up for the smallest mistake or failure. Fortunately, you can easily overcome all these things by looking at them objectively and accepting the fact that nobody will ever be the textbook definition of perfection!