5 Things Your Brain Controls And You Cannot Do Anything About It

The human brain is certainly a fascinating machine that is capable of outstanding achievements, and while it is true that we can control most of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, there are several natural impulses that are simply out of our control. There are many involuntary things that take place in the human mind, and they have nothing to do with our conscious decisions, therefore the only thing we can do is to accept them as they come.

As you may already know, the brain does not operate alone – instead, it is an essential component of the central nervous system, along with the peripheral nerves and the spinal cord, all of which play an important role in processing, gathering and storing information. Besides this, it is also up to the brain to regulate all the conscious and the unconscious aspects of life and once again, we have little to no control over our subconscious and unconscious minds. That being said, here you will find some of the things that are entirely controlled by your brain, and over which you have little to no control:

1.Hunger And Thirst

We need food and water in order to survive, and that comes as no surprise – these two basic impulses are the most important ones controlled by your brain, along with breathing. Although it is true that it is entirely up to you to decide what foods you will eat for lunch and in what amounts, you cannot prevent your body from feeling hungry – your body needs a series of nutrients to survive, to keep your organs functional and your heart beating, and it will make sure to let you know whenever it is running low on fuel. Once again, everything comes down to a series of neurons present in the hypothalamus that cause us to feel dehydrated or hungry.

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