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15501003_ml2. Your Brain Triggers Your OCD And Your Repetitive And Worrying Thoughts And Actions

OCD is an underdiagnosed condition these days, although it affects millions of people worldwide. OCD occurs when your brain takes over you and starts inducing a series of repetitive and often worrying thoughts and actions: although you may try to control them at times (especially when they simply become overwhelming and they interfere with your day to day activities), ultimately you will never get that peace of mind you are craving for, unless you check the door three times before you leave home, or unless all the forks, spoons and knives are in perfect order. This may also apply to turning off the stove or washing your hands – OCD is a very tricky and complex condition, one that is pushed around by your mind and that often requires professional and long-lasting treatment.

There is, however, an actual scientific explanation behind the formation of these new, stressful and often destructive habits – they occur when a certain group of neurons gets activated in the brain. Studies performed on lab rats and mice have revealed that by inhibiting the function of that specific group, you can completely eliminate these repetitive thoughts and habits from your life.



There is an extremely rare condition that prevents some people from feeling pain – they simply do not feel anything if they get injured. However, the vast majority of the people are able to feel pain, although this happens to different extents – everything takes place in the brain, which collects the information sent to it by the pain receptors.