5 Ways To Talk Like A Very Smart Person

 To Talk Like A Very Smart PersonSelectively Omit your Sources

Okay, so you picked up that intriguing new fact from a fictional TV show, but your friends don’t have to know that!

By choosing not to tell them where you picked up each nugget of information, you may be able to fool them into thinking you spend your time researching topics in depth.

Read Book Reviews

This one may be cheating a little bit, but it could certainly help if you find yourself at a dinner party with a number of intellectual guests.

By reading book reviews online, you’ll not only get the gist of the story, but also be able to ‘borrow’ someone’s opinion, which you’ll be able to repeat if you’re ever asked what you think of the book or author.

Drop some Names

Dropping the name of a famous author or philosopher is an obvious, yet surprisingly convincing way to show off your knowledge, especially if you have a basic grasp of his or her work and why they’re so influential and worthy of your respect. Similarly, you may wish to memorize a few thought provoking quotes from famous figures in history.