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Smart QuestionsDo you want to play a game?

No, really! Allowing yourself to relax and play a game can be beneficial to your cognitive development, especially if the game you’ve chosen is designed to improve your brain power.

Chess, for example has often been associated with intelligence and logic due to its ability to boost connectivity within your brain.

Meanwhile, fast paced video games have also been linked to an improvement in problem solving abilities and speedier reaction times.

Is this probable or certain?

Learning to differentiate between probability and certainty is essentially interpreting the difference between facts and truth.

People often say things with certainty when they aren’t actually certain at all, which can lead to false information being accepted as truth. Instead, focus on the probability. The world is not black and white, so nothing can be truly seen with certainty. The world is complex and there may be unseen explanations for any scenario.

If you begin to consider that not everything is certain, you’ll stimulate your brain by considering the options. This will keep your mental activity boosted and ready to go, so make the most of it, whilst also shining light on the better side of your personality with a fairer approach.

Question everything.

Asking yourself questions is an important place to start, but you should also be questioning everything around you.

By clarifying anything we don’t fully understand, we’re gaining information that we did not have before. Don’t feel embarrassed if you feel like you need to ask a question. You’re not expected to know it all and it is better you learn the facts now than run into problems later.

Turn the asking of questions into a habit. Over time, you’ll collect valuable information and will begin to feel smarter by the day. After asking yourself (and others) a number of questions relating to the way you think, you’ll unlock levels of brain power you may not have been utilizing. Make the most of your new found knowledge by keeping your brain stimulated through brain training and a healthy, active lifestyle.