6 Signs A Person Is Not Trustworthy

Trust5. People Who Reply To Your Texts Hours After You Have Sent Them Are Usually Not To Be Trusted

This is not necessarily an obvious tell-tale sign that a person is not trustworthy, but it should get you thinking – especially if that particular person is always using his/her smart phone or tablet when you are around. There is nothing more annoying and bothersome than having to wait for hours for a text, only to realize that the sender has not even bothered to use full sentences. If somebody needs hours to text you back or to answer to your messages on Whatsapp, Viber and all the other chatting apps, there are two rational explanations for this: he or she is either very busy, or you are simply not his/her priority, which means that you need to reconsider your own priorities before giving somebody like that too much credit.

6. Pay Attention To Those Who Are Always Up For A Flirt

Some people simply cannot help it no matter how hard they try, and they flirt with other people whenever they get the chance to. If your date or your spouse is constantly talking to other people and they tell you it is nothing but a mere chat, that should also raise a red flag – this does not mean that you need to get paranoid about every new friend of your spouse’s, it just means that you should keep your eyes open and look for those small yet essential signs that might give them away. Same applies to those who check out other people when you are around, even if they try to do it discretely – that is not just very disrespectful, but it is also an obvious sign that the one you are with does not deserve your trust.

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