6 Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling For You Secretly

So, you notice that your guy friend is falling for you. The good news is, you are not the only one. It is quite common for a guy to develop a crush on his female friend so there is a very high chance that your guesses might be correct.

Before we delve deep into the details, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do you also have romantic feelings for your friend?
  • Are you bothered that your friend is acting funny or do you eagerly welcome them?

Consider these questions seriously because if you have romantic feelings for your friend, it is likely that you are misinterpreting them and seeing “signs” that are actually not there. So before you wreck your brain trying to figure out what your friend is really trying to tell you, rule out any possibility of biases on your side. If you are sure you really aren’t seeing things the way you want to see, it may indeed be true that your friend is interested in you after all. The signs that guys show when they like a girl may also be different from signs that a girl show when they like a guy. Here are some of the most common ways to find out whether your guy friend is falling for you.

Signs your guy friend is falling for you:


This is the first sign which shows your guy friend is falling for you. Granted there could be other reasons a person might be available all the time; this is a major sign. Perhaps their schedule is highly flexible, or they just don’t have a lot of friends. However, it is very likely that your guy friend might harbor romantic feelings for you if:

  • You guys are always doing things that are “date-y” whenever you hang out.
  • They will sometimes even cancel other plans just so that the two of you can hang out together.
  • They hardly ever delay or cancel plans whenever it is with you.
  • They always say “yes” when you ask them to hang out with you.

These signs are quite obvious, showing your guy friend is determined to go out of his way just t spend time with you. Of course, there is always a possibility that the two of you are very close and they just like spending time with you because you click. There are some guys who take their platonic relationships quite seriously (which is how it should be).

However, if you two have only recently got to know each other or that you don’t really feel that close, this behavior is a direct sign they like you more than a friend should.