7 Great Jobs For The People With Social Anxiety

Being socially awkward has its own merits. People leave you alone most of the time, and you don’t have to deal with all the dramas. But eventually, you will have to venture out into the real world because we all need to pay our bills, and staying inside your room and browsing the internet doesn’t really contribute to that. This is where social anxiety people suffer the most. Finding a job that pays well or at least enough to meet their demands without having to interact with other people or minimal social activities is a huge task. Most of the traditional work requires a social environment where you have to deal with a lot of people or at least some amount of social interactions. However, there are a good amount of jobs out there that requires minimal social interactions which is perfect for people with social anxiety disorder.

There are also some jobs that require some basic level of socializing in order to help them cope with their anxieties as well. These jobs are mostly flexible, and they can somehow control the level of social interactions that they wish to develop in their workplace. Either way, these jobs will help people with social anxiety to work under minimal stress and socially demanding environment

  1. Writer

If you have good writing skills, writing is an ideal job for people with social anxiety. Writing, in particular, is a dream job for many people. You can sit home or just anywhere comfortable and write and get well paid for doing that. You don’t need to have social anxiety to love that. If you have the right skills, becoming a freelancer can earn you good money, and of course, there are negligible social interactions involved. You can also choose what kind of contents you wish to write. Example: technical manuals, advice columns, novels or just general topic related articles. It’s a perfect job to avoid any form of social activities and also get paid well. You can expand your area of interest as you go along and become more polished with your writing skills.

The best thing about writing is that it doesn’t require any qualifications or professional training. You just develop the interest as you go along and expand your writing skills and knowledge as well.