7 Great Jobs For The People With Social Anxiety

Being socially awkward has its own merits. People leave you alone most of the time, and you don’t have to deal with all the dramas. But eventually, you will have to venture out into the real world because we all need to pay our bills, and staying inside your room and browsing the internet doesn’t really contribute to that. This is where social anxiety people suffer the most. Finding a job that pays well or at least enough to meet their demands without having to interact with other people or minimal social activities is a huge task. Most of the traditional work requires a social environment where you have to deal with a lot of people or at least some amount of social interactions. However, there are a good amount of jobs out there that requires minimal social interactions which is perfect for people with social anxiety disorder.

There are also some jobs that require some basic level of socializing in order to help them cope with their anxieties as well. These jobs are mostly flexible, and they can somehow control the level of social interactions that they wish to develop in their workplace. Either way, these jobs will help people with social anxiety to work under minimal stress and socially demanding environment

  1. Writer

If you have good writing skills, writing is an ideal job for people with social anxiety. Writing, in particular, is a dream job for many people. You can sit home or just anywhere comfortable and write and get well paid for doing that. You don’t need to have social anxiety to love that. If you have the right skills, becoming a freelancer can earn you good money, and of course, there are negligible social interactions involved. You can also choose what kind of contents you wish to write. Example: technical manuals, advice columns, novels or just general topic related articles. It’s a perfect job to avoid any form of social activities and also get paid well. You can expand your area of interest as you go along and become more polished with your writing skills.

The best thing about writing is that it doesn’t require any qualifications or professional training. You just develop the interest as you go along and expand your writing skills and knowledge as well.

  1. Dog trainer

Unless you consider Dogs as one of the undiscovered species of Humans, social anxieties shouldn’t be applicable to dogs. It’s okay to play with them or be around them without feeling awkward. In fact, most people with social anxieties tend to take more likings to pets as compared to extroverts or out-going people. That in one way or the other help them to compensate for their inability in socially demanding activities. Of course, dog trainer requires some social interactions, but that is restricted to a minimal amount. This minimal amount of social activities can be a small step to develop better social interaction and be more comfortable in the social environment in the future.

  1. Artist

Another great job or career for people with social anxieties is to be an artist. Of course, this requires specific skills or interest as well. If you have the right skills and suffer from social anxiety, being an artist is one of the best and comfortable jobs. However, it can be difficult to make good money in this field, due to the shortage of professional artworks. If you have a good interest in art, you can think of professional jobs that require your abilities. A graphic designer is one good example which also requires a good knowledge of art and involves minimal social activities.

  1. Photographer

Studies suggest that people with social anxieties have a natural ability for taking good pictures. It may be because they see the world differently or just because they have unique perspectives as compared to extroverts or normal socializing people. This natural ability can reflect on their unique photography skills. Photography, in particular, is a good paying job with some minimal amount of social interactions. This of course also depends, for example: if you are a wedding photographer, it does require some social interactions, but if you are a freelance photographer you really don’t need any social activities. You just go around clicking unique pictures and sell them online.

  1. Accountant

You may think accounting requires some crazy knowledge of mathematics, but in reality, it’s just a simple application of numbers. There’s no requirement of complex algebra equations of trigonometry, and in most cases, they just require simple addition and subtraction. Accounting requires you to work with numbers all day, and, hence it requires little to no social interactions all throughout the day. Apart from basic mathematics, you also need to have good knowledge of basic computer applications such as ms excel. You can choose to handle financial details of an individual or a company as per your preference for social activities.

  1. Landscaper

Landscaping requires minimal social interactions and also gives you the flexibility to choose your own time to work. Landscapers can work for various landscaping companies or golf courses and other related fields. You can also choose to be a private landscaper and work according to your comfortable timing. It gives you the freedom to be alone and work alone even if it’s outdoor work. You can opt for landscaping in particular if you aren’t comfortable working in offices even if that requires minimal social activities.

  1. Computer programmer

Computer programming requires serious skills, but none the least it one of those jobs that pay the highest and requires very little socializing. Social anxiety people are seen as nerds or geeks most of the times, so this may be the best job to prove that right while making good money. You can learn to programme and start your way up from small companies or small ventures. Once you gain confidence and learn the right programming languages, it is one of the highest paying jobs out there. You can even go on to develop your own applications or software if you do well.

All the jobs mentioned above require minimal social activities and, hence they are ideal for people with social anxieties. However, if you have social anxiety, it is always best to challenge your social interactions. However minimal they may be you should try to converse with your colleagues. If you restrict yourself to just work without any social interactions, it will only reflect your negative attitude (even if you don’t intend it that way). Small gradual steps of interactions can help you immensely in overcoming your social anxiety in the future.

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