7 Great Jobs For The People With Social Anxiety - Page 3 of 3
  1. Accountant

You may think accounting requires some crazy knowledge of mathematics, but in reality, it’s just a simple application of numbers. There’s no requirement of complex algebra equations of trigonometry, and in most cases, they just require simple addition and subtraction. Accounting requires you to work with numbers all day, and, hence it requires little to no social interactions all throughout the day. Apart from basic mathematics, you also need to have good knowledge of basic computer applications such as ms excel. You can choose to handle financial details of an individual or a company as per your preference for social activities.

  1. Landscaper

Landscaping requires minimal social interactions and also gives you the flexibility to choose your own time to work. Landscapers can work for various landscaping companies or golf courses and other related fields. You can also choose to be a private landscaper and work according to your comfortable timing. It gives you the freedom to be alone and work alone even if it’s outdoor work. You can opt for landscaping in particular if you aren’t comfortable working in offices even if that requires minimal social activities.

  1. Computer programmer

Computer programming requires serious skills, but none the least it one of those jobs that pay the highest and requires very little socializing. Social anxiety people are seen as nerds or geeks most of the times, so this may be the best job to prove that right while making good money. You can learn to programme and start your way up from small companies or small ventures. Once you gain confidence and learn the right programming languages, it is one of the highest paying jobs out there. You can even go on to develop your own applications or software if you do well.

All the jobs mentioned above require minimal social activities and, hence they are ideal for people with social anxieties. However, if you have social anxiety, it is always best to challenge your social interactions. However minimal they may be you should try to converse with your colleagues. If you restrict yourself to just work without any social interactions, it will only reflect your negative attitude (even if you don’t intend it that way). Small gradual steps of interactions can help you immensely in overcoming your social anxiety in the future.