7 Signs You Are A Mentally Weak Person

Some people are simply mentally stronger than others, and that comes as no surprise. Have you noticed how strong-willed and determined some of us are, and that they would not let anything get in their way? On the other hand, have you noticed that some people are constantly complaining and making up excuses for their lives? That is the difference between a person that is mentally strong and one that is weak, and here you will get a deeper insight into some of the most notable signs that may indicate you are not as mentally strong as you may want.

1. You Tend To Complain More Than Other People

Nobody has it easy – life is like a rollercoaster and it certainly has its ups and downs for everybody, we all go through all sorts of tests and events that shape our personality and our mindset. However, we all try to overcome the negative events that take place in our lives, one way or another. While a mentally strong person would always try to look at the bright side and realizes that a misfortunate event is not the end of the world, one that is weaker tends to complain, to whine and to spread negativity all around. That negativity is very bothersome for most people, not to mention that it pushes them away in an instant – nobody wants to be around a pessimist who only sees the bad side of life.

Emotionally and mentally strong people are too busy looking for ways to solve their problems – that is why you will rarely ever hear them complain about the bad things that happen to them. They always take responsibility for their actions and they always try to make the best of what life gives them. They know that they will encounter plenty of other problems in life, but that is the beauty of it: they are willing to deal with them consciously, as opposed to whining all the time and feeling sorry for themselves.