7 Signs You Are A Mentally Weak Person - Page 3 of 4

4. They Give Up Without A Fight

This is undoubtedly one of the most obvious reasons that a person is mentally weak – a person that is strong on all levels would never give up too easily. Only weak people lack perseverance, and they forget that success will never come to those who give up so easily. Regardless of how difficult it may be at times, one must always fight for his goals: if you give up and throw in the towel before you even start the battle, then the chances are that you are mentally weak, and this may take its toll on your life at a certain point.

5. You Envy Other People For Their Success

Little bit of envy is okay and it is natural for human beings, but when you constantly experience it towards the people around you, maybe you are upset about yourself and not the success of others.