7 Signs You Have A Hidden Depression 

Hidden Depression
Hidden Depression

Depression can be a silent killer, and people experience it differently: while some people only experience mild depression (or may actually feel “blue”, and mistake it for being depressed), others suffer from what is known as “concealed/hidden depression”. Depressed people can express themselves in various ways, and a person who is genuinely sad does not always look obviously unhappy or starts crying all of a sudden. It is perfectly natural for our moods to change over time, but if you have been feeling unhappy for a while, then you may suffer from hidden depression. Here are some of the most obvious signs associated with it:

1. You Avoid Expressing Your Feelings

If you avoid expressing your feelings and talking about the things that make you sad, then the chances are that you are suffering from concealed depression. However, this sign alone should not be taken for granted when it comes to diagnosing yourself with depression – it is not uncommon for introverts to avoid expressing their own feelings as well. If you are also a perfectionist who is always very task-oriented and who likes to do things all by himself, then this should get you thinking!

2. You Release Subtle And Unconscious “Cries For Help”

When it comes to depression, some people are masters at concealing it, mainly because they do not want to worry those who are dear to their heart, or because they do not want to look like a burden in the eyes of others. However, even the strongest person (both from a mental or emotional standpoint) unconsciously releases a “cry for help” every now and then – one that, unfortunately, often goes unnoticed. If you sometimes open up to people randomly or you feel the need to reach out to others and to create “bridges”, then the chances are that your hidden depression is no longer hidden.

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