7 Signs You Have A Hidden Depression 

Hidden Depression
3. You Experience All Sorts Of Random Body Aches And Unexplained Pains

A very common misconception that surrounds depression these days is that this illness only affects the mind, when the truth is that it can easily take its toll on the body of the sufferer as well. Statistically speaking, people who suffer from depression are 300% more likely to develop chronic pain, as opposed to those who do not. Depression is an underdiagnosed condition these days, and unfortunately most doctors focus primarily on treating the pain or the ache itself, as opposed to trying to pinpoint the culprit behind it, and to address it in real-time. Chronic inflammation is extremely common amongst those with hidden depression – this is basically your body’s immune system response to your state of mind.

4. You Are Constantly Looking For A Purpose

We are all looking for a purpose and we all want to understand the meaning of life, but if you find yourself in the position where you are never satisfied with what you have and you feel that nothing you do is worthwhile, then you may be suffering from hidden depression. It is not uncommon for depressed people to try and over-compensate for the sadness they feel deep inside by excelling at work or school.

5. You Make Intentional Efforts To Appear OK

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