7 Things That Make You Smarter 

When you think of developing your intelligence further, your brain may present you with images of lecture halls or stacks of books, however that’s not all there is to expanding your mental abilities. There are a few extra approaches you can try in order to stimulate your mind and improve your overall intelligence.

Broadening your Horizons

By opening up your options and allowing yourself to experience new things, you’ll create additional neural pathways within your brain and strengthen it overtime.

This can be easily accomplished by simply visiting a new place, even if it’s just taking a new route to your workplace. When we follow the same routine day in day out, we become comfortable and develop habits. By knowing what to expect, our brains are not open to unfamiliar scenarios, meaning it is not stimulated through challenging adjustments.

Staying Creative

Ever wonder why kids are introduced to painting and coloring in pre-school? It’s not just for fun. Creative activities can help the mind open up to envision new possibilities while imagining new, effective problem solving techniques.

Those with an artistic predisposition are often known for their ability to draw inspiration from all manner of things when the need arises, as well as exhibiting an air of confidence that can help in day to day life, whether used in a fun or business environment.

Creativity is a key trait of innovative thinkers, so try to incorporate a little artistic license into even the most menial tasks. Not only will this approach enhance your brain, it may also make tedious chores seem a little more entertaining.

Reading for Pleasure

Reading to enhance your brain doesn’t have to mean perusing textbooks. Even reading your favorite fiction or poetry will help your brain explore new pathways and create connections, stimulating your imagination in the process. To put it simply, your brain is translating the words into images in your mind. It can also help to increase your vocabulary and provide your brain with examples of correct grammar usage, helping you become a better reader and writer.