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to be Smarter

Training your Brain

From smartphone apps to console games, brain training is commonly used by kids and adults alike in order to increase cognitive ability.

Sites like Lumosity are free to use and provide games and puzzles that are designed to increase your brain’s neuroplasticity, helping it make new connections and think at a faster rate.

Continuing your Education

While it may be traditional, it’s never too late to continue your education. Most college will happily accept students of any age, providing the applicant has all the prerequisites.

If the traditional college route isn’t for you, try taking a few online classes or local creative workshops, which are often affordable and open to all. You’ll learn something new and boost your social life, leading to enriching new experiences.

In addition, there are a few more surprising aspects of your daily life that can contribute to your brain power…


Have you ever wondered if the items of clothing you own could be influencing your intelligence? It turns out, they can!

A ‘Stroop test’ was conducted on participants, during which half of them wore lab coats and half did not, while their mental performance was tested. The results showed that the participants wearing lab coats made over 50% less mistakes than those who weren’t.

To ensure it wasn’t a coincidence, another test was conducted in which participants were shown images and instructed to find the differences. All participants were required to wear identical white coats, however half were told they were wearing lab coats while the other half were told they were wearing painters’ coats. Surely enough, despite being the same coats, the ‘lab coats’ team scored significantly higher results. As a result, it’s clear that believing we’re smarter can help us come off as smarter when challenged, so try dressing like the smart, motivated individual you’d love to be.