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to be Smarter Negativity

No matter how you feel in the workplace, chances are your mental abilities will become affected by your mood. Surprisingly, the happiest workers often have lower rates of performance, with employees who are often labelled ‘grumpy’ may actually be the most productive.

This has been suggested through multiple studies, with Joe Forgas, an Australian researcher explaining that feelings of sadness can promote ‘information processing strategies’ that can help the person cope well with demanding situations or projects.

Forgas’ study involved the screening of depressing videos to employees. Those who watched the films were discovered to make less mistakes when tested on arithmetic and were found to have better general judgement.

And while it isn’t recommended you use them, you may be shocked to discover the effects of these negative elements:

Electric Shocks

Researchers in Australia have concluded that using transcranial direct current stimulation to deliver electric currents into the brain can effectively supercharge its ability.

Participants in the study were found to be up to three times more able to solve complex problems after experiencing fairly weak electrical signals than they were before the technique was applied.

It would certainly be an inconvenience to repeatedly endure electric shocks, however that isn’t necessary. Participants were found to retain these improved skills for approximately six months after the original treatment! If you regularly utilize the above tools (perhaps with the exception of the final two) for broadening your mind and furthering your intelligence, you’ll likely notice a significant change in your cognitive ability. There’s nothing to prevent you from at least giving them a try, so get started today and keep working on those puzzles.