7 Tricks To Force Your Brain To Learn And Remember Anything


Forgetfulness is anything but uncommon, and it has happened to us all to forget names, addresses or even the reason why we went from one room to another! While it is true that forgetfulness can sometimes indicate a more serious underlying condition, such as the Alzheimer’s disease, most of the time you do not need to worry about it. However, it can be quite bothersome and embarrassing, especially when it interferes with your learning process. Here are several guaranteed ways to remember absolutely everything, be it somebody’s name, a street address or even a very specific quote:

1. Harvest The Power Of Rhymes!

Rhymes are more than just mere music to your ears – as a matter of fact, rhymes can help you remember even the slightest details! Some people were naturally blessed with an impeccable memory, but others simply have so many things going on in their lives that they tend to forget the seemingly irrelevant details. If this is your case as well, then all you have to do is to create a rhyme that will help you improve your recall – these are super powerful memory devices, and you should use them to the fullest!

2. Brain Games Can Really Boost Your Cognitive Function!

If used correctly, a brain game such as crosswords or Sudoku can actually benefit you on many different levels: not only do they prevent forgetfulness and “train” your brain the same way you would train your muscles at the gym, but they also slow down the normal cognitive decline that is often associated with aging. Brain games work even better when you have a healthy and balanced diet – especially if you consume dark chocolate on a daily basis, in moderate amounts. On the other hand, if the classic brain games do not appeal to you, then you can always give Lumosity a try: in a nutshell, this is a catchy game designed for smart phone users who are always on the go, and who want to make sure that their memory is spot-on at all times.

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