How To Manipulate People - Expert Manipulation Techniques

Learning the art of mental manipulation can be extremely rewarding. We gathered 7 pages of every technique you need to manipulate the minds of other people. Be smart about using them, practice a lot and soon you can influence how others think and behave.

When it comes to moral discussion, manipulating minds of other people may seem unethical for many – and for a good reason. You are actually playing with other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions for your own interest. However, it’s up to you to decide what is ethical and what is not. This is a practical guide that includes methods you can use to influence others.

You can get plenty of emotional and financial benefits if you know how to play your cards right and how to make other people do whatever you want them to do – men or women (both needing at some point different approach). the key is to do it in such a manner that they do not realize they are being manipulated. That being said, here is an overview of some of the best manipulation techniques that you can use:

The Fear-And-Relief Technique

The first method on our list starts with a well-researched and documented manipulation technique that you can use in your best interest. In a nutshell, the fear-and-relief technique involves playing a bit with the other one’s emotions, and while it is true that this technique can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, it is extremely efficient.

The method has very simple two parts: First, make another person to fear something. It will quickly make him vulnerable to the illogical behavior that you can use for your advantage. Then you offer him a relief of the fear that he experiences. The most challenging part of this tactic is to actually know what to use to scare the person. You can’t, of course, keep coming up with scary stuff on spot, hoping that he will start experiencing fear. You need to have a clear idea of what to say and how to say way before you approach the person. Then you also need to have a solution that will save him from the uncomfortable feeling.

The tactic is often used in the media to hook the viewers. The news channel, for example, can scare people with a very dramatic announcement like “20 people are affected by the new virus outbreak” that will most likely scare the people. Then they end up with “for the updated information of what to do, keep watching our channel” which offers the solution to the viewer – keep watching and we will tell you how to survive this terrible virus.

You know, obviously, that you are not a news channel, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use fear and relief technique to manipulate others. You can scare people with anything form their career goals to personal relationships. Be creative, analyze your target and come up with the best ways of doing the method.

Whenever you see that the one you are trying to manipulate is about to give up, that is when you help them relieve the stress and let off all the steam: you are basically trying to give that person sudden mood swings that will leave him or her completely disarmed. When that happens, the person in question is much more likely to do whatever you need them to, and as evil, as that may sound, it truly works! Continue reading about even more powerful method called the mirroring technique on page 2.