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When it comes to moral discussion, how to manipulate people may seem unethical for many of us – and for a good reason, since you are actually manipulating other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions in your own interest. However, manipulation does not necessarily have to be a bad thing: at least not for you!

You can get plenty of emotional and financial benefits if you know how to play your cards right and how to make other people do whatever you want them to do – the key is to do it in such a manner that they do not realize they are being manipulated until it is too late. That being said, here is an overview of some of the best manipulation techniques that you can use:

The Fear-And-Relief Technique

This is actually a well-researched and documented manipulation technique that you can use in your best interest. In a nutshell, the fear-and-relief technique involves playing a bit with the other one’s emotions, and while it is true that this technique can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, it is extremely efficient.

Whenever you see that the one you are trying to manipulate is about to give up, that is when you help them relieve the stress and let off all the steam: you are basically trying to give that person sudden mood swings that will leave him or her completely disarmed. When that happens, the person in question is much more likely to do whatever you need them to, and as evil as that may sound, it truly works!

Learn To Read People’s Body Language

Did you know that people express themselves more through their body language than through actual words? If you are having a hard time “deciphering” a person, then all you have to do is to pay attention to their body language, and reading it can really be considered an art. In order to be able to fully and effortlessly manipulate somebody, you must figure out that person’s psychological and emotional makeup, and you cannot do that without taking their body language into account. People can lie and twist their words very easily, but concealing the signs your body is trying to send is a lot more difficult.

Also, make sure to keep in mind that most people are susceptible to emotional responses: if the person you are trying to manipulate is a particularly emotional one, then you will have to play with their emotions – yet again!

You Can Never Go Wrong With The “Guilty Approach”

This is yet another evil but very efficient way to manipulate somebody – never underestimate the power of making somebody feel really guilty about something. When a person feels guilty about something, he or she will try to compensate for it one way or another: when that happens, you can easily suggest them an idea. This is when you are slowly planting your own desires into their subconscious mind, and just wait for them to go with the flow. This tactic works best with those who are already prone to feeling guilty, like friends or relatives who have let you down in the past, or who betrayed your trust.

 Play The Victim Card!

This manipulation technique actually goes hand in hand with the technique mentioned about, and you should consider combining the two for the best results. Be careful, though, as playing the victim card can sometimes be a double-edged sword and it can work against you if you overdo it. Use it sparingly, every now and then.

5. Use Your Looks In Your Best Interest

Whether we like it or not, the human nature is quite shallow to a certain extent – we are naturally drawn to charismatic people, and that is a fact. If you are a good-looking individual, then you can make the best of it and manipulate other people. Life really is easier for beautiful people, but your charisma alone will not get you very far: you actually need to work on it and to learn how to take it to the next level.

You must be positive, cheerful and you must also have an approachable and welcoming body language – if you manage to do so, then this can greatly benefit you both in your personal life and your professional one. Make people feel special and make sure to always be self-confident: do not overdo it, though, because at the end of the day nobody likes cocky people regardless of how charismatic they are.

Try The Bribery Technique

This is yet another widely used manipulation technique that always works like a charm whenever you try to make somebody do what you want. If you reward somebody, be it emotionally or materially, they will somehow feel compelled to return the favor – make sure to use that in your best interest, when they do!

All you have to do is to figure out what your boss, your significant other or your friend wants or needs and just give it to them, then make sure to suggest that you would like something in return. Be careful not to make it sound as if you are blackmailing them though, as that will certainly not end well! Try to make it look as if you are genuinely being nice to that person.

 Prey On Their Feelings, But Make Sure To Master Your Own First

Last, but not least, the easiest way to manipulate people is to simply make them fall in love with you. When a person switches from being rational to being emotional, that is the right time to “strike” and to make them do whatever you want them to. All you have to do is to slowly guide them to feel a certain way about you. However, this technique is usually reserved for the real masters of manipulation, because if you do not master your own emotions first, you may end up being the one that gets manipulated. You need to be able to invite both fear and sympathy without falling into your own trap, and that is certainly the most difficult part!

Developing Skills – 3 Things You Will Need To Manipulate People

1. You should have great verbal communication skills to be able to influence others. If you want to manipulate people, being able to speak clearly and expressing your thoughts skillfully is important. There are several ways of improving your verbal abilities and we won’t be able to go into details for each, but we will still list a few so you get an idea.

Improving Verbal Communication For a better Manipulation

verbal communication is important for manipulating others

a. Start reading as much as you can. It is important to have a great vocabulary and reading is the best way to improve it. You can read books about any topic, as long as they challenge you. Avoid simple texts that require very little effort and even 5th grader could handle. Besides vocabulary, reading will expand your knowledge about different subjects and that, of course, will let you speak about stuff easily. Some people hate reading and you might be one of them, but we promise it is not as bad as you think once you read for a while. Besides, traditionally when we are kids we are forced to read boring classical literature. That is not the case here. You can read modern novels, newspapers, magazines and interesting articles online.

b. Practice your speaking in front of a mirror. It is important to observe the way you speak and get comfortable with that. In the process, you will be able to find things that you do not like and will change it. If you don’t like those details, neither will others. You can also practice talking to other people that you want to influence and manipulate. That way when you actually meet them, it won’t be the first time you will talk about the subject. You can make it like a play and rehearse it few times. Things might not go 100% according to the script in reality, but for the most part it will most likely be the same and you will be ready.

c. Work on your voice and a tone. What you are saying is not the only important thing. How you do it is not any less crucial. Record your voice, listen to it and analyze things. Write down what you like about it and what not.  Working on it will increase your success rate of mental manipulation. Don’t speak monotonously and quietly. Make sure everything you say is clear and with a confidence. How can you influence someone if you are mumbling and cannot even hear yourself? Imagine yourself as an actor on the stage. More you practice, better you will get at it.

2. You should be able to look good in front of the people you want to manipulate. We are including this in the list of skills, because it really takes one to be able to look good. Genetics do play role here, but you need to do as much as you can to use that ‘Halo Effect’ for your advantage.

How to look good to manipulate people

Dressing well for mental manipulation

a. Basic hygiene is the fundamental part of looking (and smelling) good. We all know this. Yet so many people fail it. Humans have evolutionary attraction towards the clean people, because they were the safe ones to be around with throughout the history. We still have those traits and simply like the people who are clean and smell good. How can you manipulate someone if you stink? It doesn’t take much effort to achieve that. Simply wear a deodorant, shower and use some nice perfume.

b. Have a haircut that suits you and makes you look good. How your hair looks directly affects your entire outfit. When you talk to a person you are trying to influence, your haircut will be one of the things he will notice. It is annoying to see how many people ignore their hairstyles and still want to look good. You need to also be realistic about it. If the haircut does not suit you, simply let it go. Don’t try to rock it when it obviously looks terrible on you. Have a sense which one is for you and never try to save money for a salon and visit the terrible one.

c. Dress nicely and don’t go crazy about the fashion if you can’t rock it. You need to impress a person you are manipulating. You can’t go wrong with a simple, classical look and unless you know what you are doing, do not experiment. If a person will not like your dress, he will not take you too seriously and it will be really hard to influence someone in that situation.

3. Learning more about psychology and the neuroscience will teach you more about how to manipulate people. You need to have at least the basic understanding of human mind if you want to be a master manipulator. Sure, what we are teaching you here will help you with that, but you need broader, more general understanding of human behavior to really be able to manipulate others easily.

How can you do that? First of all, start with browsing our website and read general psychology articles. Then go to Youtube and watch some videos. Next step would be to start reading actual psychology books. If you want to learn basics, there are always some good psychology university textbooks.

Conclusion – Crucial formula of mental manipulation

You have all the information for now to be able to manipulate others. With these techniques you should be able to get easy prey. For the people who are aware of them, you will need much more psychological knowledge and follow our advice on that. You need to remember that combining techniques with your looks and verbal skills is extremely important. If you do not look good and confident, you won’t be able to use these techniques effectively. So, the crucial formula of mental manipulation is Tricks + Looks + Talking. Good luck and hopefully the article was helpful answering your question about how to manipulate people.