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Mirroring Technique

This is one of the most famous manipulation techniques that involves two parts. In the beginning, you are trying to mirror the person you are trying to influence and then, during the second part, he or she will be mirroring you. This establishes the trust between you and another person and helps you build the connection that you will eventually start to exploit. The technique is quite basic and simple to do. All you need to do is copy the behavior. Take a close look at their body language, face and hand gestures and the tonality of the voice. Is he standing with his hand crossed? Do the same. Is he talking quietly without many emotions? You start talking the same way. Obviously, it is important to do it as carefully as possible. Otherwise, it will be too obvious that you are trying to mirror and the person will quickly start being suspicious of your behavior. You don’t want to do that as it will be really difficult to recover from that position.

After some time of doing the mirroring technique, the person will start to feel more connected to you. This is the time when he or she has a trust towards you and becomes vulnerable to the different manipulation methods. The cool thing about mirroring is that soon you will start noticing something amazing – now the person will start copying your behavior instead. When this happens, you know that you have successfully completed the attempt of establishing trust.

The technique is very important for the further efforts of manipulation. If a person doesn’t trust you, it is extremely difficult to influence him. Once the connection is established, other methods listed in this article will start working much easier. Make sure that you mirror for a long time and do not expect the magic to happen in a few minutes. Depending on a person, it might take hours until he opens up to you.

You Can Never Go Wrong With The “Guilty Approach”

This is yet another very effective way to manipulate somebody – never underestimate the power of making somebody feel really guilty about something. When a person feels guilty about something, he or she will try to compensate for it one way or another: when that happens, you can easily suggest them an idea. This is when you are slowly planting your own desires into their subconscious mind, and just wait for them to go with the flow. This tactic works best with those who are already prone to feeling guilty, like friends or relatives who have let you down in the past, or who betrayed your trust.

The tactic of using guilt is not, however, the fancy one. You seem a bit too obvious that you need something and if you aren’t careful, other people might suspect that you are trying to manipulate him. Although it works like a charm most of the time and it is extremely easy to do. You are pretty much reminding your target that he needs to do something with sentences like “I helped you last time and now you don’t want to help back?” or “Do you want to disappoint everyone and refuse to do a simple thing we are asking you?”. Nobody wants to be a bad person, so even if they are quite stubborn, they will still feel like doing what you are asking.

The tactic is often used by animal rights organizations like PETA. Have you ever met them in the streets, showing you abused puppies and other cute animals? Then on top of the images, it says something like “You are causing this, but you can stop being evil”. And what happens? The people actually feel really guilty of not adopting animals or not donating to PETA.

The same psychological effect is happening when you use the guilt technique to influence others as people feel obligated to help you in order to avoid being bad human beings.