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 Play The Victim Card

This manipulation technique actually goes hand in hand with the guilt technique mentioned above, and you should consider combining the two for the best results. Be careful, though, as playing the victim card can sometimes be a double-edged sword and it can work against you if you overdo it. Use it sparingly, every now and then.

The concept of it is quite basic. You are pretending to be their victim, making them feel bad about how they treat you. This happens by letting your targets feel like they are the one trying to manipulate you. Some phrases, for example, go like this:

  • “Wow, do I really deserve to be treated like this?”
  • “Is this how you treat everybody or am I the only one you hate?”
  • “What did I do so wrong that you treat me like this?”

Words like these make people think that their mental resistance towards you (even if it is very minimal) is too much and they are being rude. Then they feel guilty and start being nicer, ending up doing what you want them to do.

Love Bombing Method

Love bombing is a typical emotional manipulation technique used quite often by manipulators (especially narcissists). It is a method that is typically used at the beginning of the interaction with the person you are trying to influence. You demonstrate large positive attention and affection towards the victim and it is really difficult afterward for him not to feel good about you. It is a basic human instinct to treat people nicely if they do the same. When you start your conversation with being extremely nice towards somebody, you are setting up a huge emotional trap for him that he will most likely fall into. It creates intense feelings towards you inside the victim and overwhelms him with a positive attitude.

You need to keep in mind that the love bombing technique is not for every person. You can’t pick one tool and try to solve everything with it. The method works much better on the people who actually need love and affection in their lives. If the person feels lonely and looks for the positive human interaction, there is a much higher chance that the technique will work. You also need to be careful with the next steps even after the method works. Don’t be too obvious about your intentions and start to get what you want after a few minutes of a fake smile and praise.

If you are familiar with some annoying groups and cults, you can easily recognize the love bombing method. It is often used by them and millions of victims fall for it. They start being extremely nice towards you and you start wondering what kind of intentions they have. Their goals, however, is not very clear at the beginning as they know well that you can’t scare the people away by being too quick with manipulation. When some time passes and they actually make you sign up or join their group, it is already too late as you are already too influenced with their positive approach to understanding what is going on.