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Try The Bribery Technique

This is yet another widely used manipulation technique that always works like a charm whenever you try to make somebody do what you want. If you reward somebody, be it emotionally or materially, they will somehow feel compelled to return the favor – make sure to use that in your best interest, when they do!

All you have to do is to figure out what your boss, your significant other or your friend wants or needs and just give it to them, then make sure to suggest that you would like something in return. Be careful not to make it sound as if you are blackmailing them though, as that will certainly not end well! Try to make it look as if you are genuinely being nice to that person.

Bribery is the easiest technique to implement if you aren’t too obvious. You are pretending to be nice by giving simple stuff away as a nice gesture. It works for hundreds of different marketing departments, salespeople and anyone who is trying to get the favor of others. Studies show that once people get even a small gift from others, they return the favor (purchasing products, doing what others want, etc) bigger than they received.

The key is timing. It is important to give people things they want carefully and way before you want them to do something. You can’t give your boss a watch or luxury pen and ask for a promotion in an hour. Just like all the other methods, bribery for manipulation requires a careful approach. You need to build trust and connection over time, slowly influencing others.

Bribery also does not require something expensive or time-consuming. You can start working on it with small stuff like free coffee or sweets. Eventually, when it comes to making others do what you want, they will have ‘sure, I’ll help, he is always so nice to me’ thoughts running in their heads.

Become a Good Listener and Actually Learn a lot About a Person

Do not think that manipulators simply use a few code words to hack into your brain and make you do whatever they want. It doesn’t work like that. As I mentioned above, developing the trust between you and another person is a fundamental part of influence. If a person doesn’t trust you, he won’t want to do anything with you and you will lose a chance of influencing him. That is why it is important to actually be friends with him and one of the best ways of doing it is to become a good listener. This has two beneficial parts for you:

1. Being a good listener creates an illusion of friendliness during the process of conversation. You seem much more appealing and trustworthy to others when they see that you are interested in what they have to say. This is especially true for the people who do not get much of social interactions in their lives and are desperate to talk to other people. They love to discuss their lives, tell you what they did yesterday, where they are planning to go next month for a vacation and even quite intimate details of their personal lives. All you have to do is stay quiet and listen. If things get extremely boring, at least pretend you are interested, but remembering what they said is important for the second part.

2. The trust towards you strengthens significantly when you after some time mention something that they told you before. That is the moment when they believe that you actually cared and genuinely listened. It is difficult to listen and remember everything they said, especially if the conversation was extremely boring and you listened only because you want to manipulate them. However, try to remember at least a few details. If they say something about their upcoming vacation, instead of repeating every detail like a parrot, casually mention how the vacation went.