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Developing Skills – 3 Things You Will Need To Manipulate People

1. You should have great verbal communication skills to be able to influence others. If you want to manipulate people, being able to speak clearly and expressing your thoughts skillfully is important. There are several ways of improving your verbal abilities and we won’t be able to go into details for each, but we will still list a few so you get an idea.

Improving Verbal Communication For better Manipulation

verbal communication is important for manipulating others

a. Start reading as much as you can. It is important to have a great vocabulary and reading is the best way to improve it. You can read books about any topic, as long as they challenge you. Avoid simple texts that require very little effort and even 5th grader could handle. Besides vocabulary, reading will expand your knowledge about different subjects and that, of course, will let you speak about stuff easily. Some people hate reading and you might be one of them, but we promise it is not as bad as you think once you read for a while. Besides, traditionally when we are kids we are forced to read boring classical literature. That is not the case here. You can read modern novels, newspapers, magazines and interesting articles online.

b. Practice your speaking in front of a mirror. It is important to observe the way you speak and get comfortable with that. In the process, you will be able to find things that you do not like and will change it. If you don’t like those details, neither will others. You can also practice talking to other people that you want to influence and manipulate. That way when you actually meet them, it won’t be the first time you will talk about the subject. You can make it like a play and rehearse it a few times. Things might not go 100% according to the script in reality, but for the most part, it will most likely be the same and you will be ready.

c. Work on your voice and a tone. What you are saying is not the only important thing. How you do it is not any less crucial. Record your voice, listen to it and analyze things. Write down what you like about it and what not.  Working on it will increase your success rate of mental manipulation. Don’t speak monotonously and quietly. Make sure everything you say is clear and with confidence. How can you influence someone if you are mumbling and cannot even hear yourself? Imagine yourself as an actor on the stage. More you practice, better you will get at it.

2. You should be able to look good in front of the people you want to manipulate. We are including this in the list of skills because it really takes one to be able to look good. Genetics do play a role here, but you need to do as much as you can to use that ‘Halo Effect’ for your advantage.