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How to look good to manipulate people

Dressing well for mental manipulation

a. Basic hygiene is a fundamental part of looking (and smelling) good. We all know this. Yet so many people fail it. Humans have an evolutionary attraction towards the clean people because they were the safe ones to be around with throughout history. We still have those traits and simply like the people who are clean and smell good. How can you manipulate someone if you stink? It doesn’t take much effort to achieve that. Simply wear a deodorant, shower and use some nice perfume.

b. Have a haircut that suits you and makes you look good. How your hair looks directly affects your entire outfit. When you talk to a person you are trying to influence, your haircut will be one of the things he will notice. It is annoying to see how many people ignore their hairstyles and still want to look good. You need to also be realistic about it. If the haircut does not suit you, simply let it go. Don’t try to rock it when it obviously looks terrible on you. Have a sense which one is for you and never try to save money for a salon and visit the terrible one.

c. Dress nicely and don’t go crazy about fashion if you can’t rock it. You need to impress a person you are manipulating. You can’t go wrong with a simple, classic look and unless you know what you are doing, do not experiment. If a person will not like your dress, he will not take you too seriously and it will be really hard to influence someone in that situation.

3. Learning more about psychology and the neuroscience will teach you more about how to manipulate people. You need to have at least the basic understanding of the human mind if you want to be a master manipulator. Sure, what we are teaching you here will help you with that, but you need a broader, more general understanding of human behavior to really be able to manipulate others easily.

How can you do that? First of all, start with browsing our website and read general psychology articles. Then go to Youtube and watch some videos. Next step would be to start reading actual psychology books. If you want to learn basics, there are always some good psychology university textbooks.

Conclusion – Crucial formula

You have all the information, for now, to be able to manipulate others. With these techniques, you should be able to get easy prey. For the people who are aware of them, you will need much more psychological knowledge and follow our advice on that. You need to remember that combining techniques with your looks and verbal skills is extremely important. If you do not look good and confident, you won’t be able to use these techniques effectively. So, the crucial formula of mental manipulation is Tricks + Looks + Talking. Good luck and hopefully the article was helpful in answering your question about how to manipulate people.