8 Easy Ways To Detect The People Who Dislike You And Remove Them From Your Life 

Regardless of how much you try, you will never be able to please everybody – and that is a known fact. Why waste your time trying to make yourself pleasant or accepted, when you can be yourself and the right people will truly like you for who you are? Sometimes, people hate other people without any apparent reason: they are struggling with their own inner frustrations and issues, and they unconsciously project them on those that surround them. This is precisely why it is essential to recognize those small tell-tale signs that people actually dislike you – and you should instantly remove them from your life, since they do you no good whatsoever. Here are eight very easy ways to tell if somebody dislikes you, and how to deal with it:

1. You Are Always The One Who Is Left Out

Have you noticed that you are the last one to find out about a party or a small get-together organized by your friends or by your co-workers? Are you always the last one to find out the latest news? Are you left out whenever your friends or relatives organize an event or a holiday trip/activity that you would love to be part of? If so, then this is an obvious sign that you are not liked, and instead of trying to change it you should consider focusing on like-minded people who are on the same wavelength as you, and who will make sure you will never be left out again!

2. People Are Constantly Doubting You

If people constantly doubt what you say or do, then the chances are that you come across as a dishonest person – or a liar, to say it bluntly. If there is one person who is constantly doubting you, then the chances are that he/she is the problem, but if there is more than one, that should get you thinking. Lying and being shady are two of the quickest and most efficient ways to make somebody hate you, this is why it is essential never to promise something unless you are absolutely convinced that you can keep your promise. Nobody wants to be friends with the one who always breaks his promises or takes things for granted, as that means you are not trustworthy – and nobody likes a liar!

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