8 Habits Of Genius People

People with an unusually high intelligence quotient act different than the rest of us, and that comes as no surprise for anybody. Numerous geniuses have managed to stand out throughout the history, from Balzac and Marcel Proust to Einstein, and each one of them had a “small ritual” that he did every day – while Marcel Proust used to wake up very early, Balzac was extremely fond of coffee and Tchaikovsky used to walk for two to three hours a day, to clear his mind. That being said, here you will find a brief overview of some of the main habits of genius people:

1. They Spend A Lot Of Time Thinking And Imagining

Imagination is a genius’ most powerful weapon – they have always dared to dream and to turn their dreams into reality, and this is precisely why history still remembers them, hundreds of years after their death. One of the world’s most valued visionaries was Albert Einstein, who used the “visualization technique” in countless different ways. Einstein used to express himself differently, especially through diagrams, and he said that if he only had one hour left to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes thinking about how to do it, and the remaining 5 minutes trying to actually save it.


2. Geniuses Always Wake Up Very Early

The early bird gets the worm – we have heard that saying countless times, and for a good reason as most geniuses used to wake up very early in the morning. Most of them used to wake up around five or six in the morning, rarely did it happen for a true genius to wake up past seven. One of the most notable creative minds, Ernest Hemingway, was known for his morning ritual – he used to wake up very early and write. It was then when he found himself to be most productive, as nobody bothered him that early in the morning and he could easily focus on his work.

3. Geniuses Used To Socialize Only In The Evening

Another notable habit of genius people is that they only used to socialize during evening and night – they were notorious for their well-designed schedule, and they used to work primarily in the morning. Many geniuses were known to be rather isolated and to avoid socializing with other people, but for others socialization served as an essential tool, one that got their “creative juice” flowing.