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Genius People4. Geniuses Use To Walk A Lot

Walking is undoubtedly one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can opt for, as it trains all your muscle groups and it does not put any unnecessary stress or pressure on your joints. Besides this, walking helps you relax and let off some steam, while the fresh air helps you clear your mind – the world’s biggest geniuses and most valued creative minds figured that one out! As mentioned above, Tchaikovsky used to walk for two hours every single day, and it is believed that this small ritual has played a very important role in his life, as it has boosted his creativity, productivity and proficiency at creative tasks. Nonetheless, Tchaikovsky was not the only one who walked for two hours each day – Mahler and Beethoven are believed to have had the exact same habit. Besides the fact that the fresh air helps you clear your mind, walking (especially on an isolated path) also helps you disconnect from all the distractions and focus more on your work.

5. They Used To Stick To A Simple Regimen – Obsessively!

If you had any prejudice about routine until now, then you might want to reconsider that – geniuses are known for the fact that they build a simple regimen and they stick to it almost obsessively. This helps them be in control of their life and it also gives them a sense of power and security – for many writers and artists, this simple regimen is crucial for their success and they treat it accordingly. Tolstoy, for instance, had a very detailed routine that involved writing every single day.

6. Geniuses Keep A Diary

Geniuses have countless thoughts racing through their mind, this is why they must write down the most important them. Having a diary can benefit you on many different levels: besides making sure that you will never forget a brilliant idea ever again, they can also help you relax and unwind by disconnecting from the world. Gandhi, Da Vinci or Mozart used to keep diaries where they wrote down their emotions, thoughts and deepest desires, and this certainly helped them reflect on themselves.