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Genius People

7. They Were Able To Work Anywhere

Last, but not least, geniuses are known for being very volatile and versatile: even though they may have their small rituals that they stick to, they are able to work anywhere. They only need the bare essentials to help them express themselves, and when their inspiration strikes, they can easily channel it in a very productive way, regardless if they are working in their home office or if they are in the middle of the nature. Geniuses are highly adaptable and they do not need a special set-up to do what they have to do. Agatha Christie, for instance, had absolutely no problem writing anywhere – all she needed was a table that could hold her typewriter.

8. They Never Stopped Working When They Ran Out Of Inspiration – They Stopped When Their Creative Juice Was Still Flowing!

This is one of the aspects that make the difference between regular people and geniuses – while regular people tend to stop working when they run out of creative juice, geniuses have a radically different approach and they stop when they still have ideas roaming freely inside their head. Geniuses always know what the next step is, and they never “drain their creative reservoir” – they always save a small idea for later, one that will serve as their starting point for their next creative project. Some of them only worked for three hours a day, others for six, others for as much as twelve. Mozart, for instance, used to sleep five to six hours a day and he spent most of the day enjoying music lessons and concerts.