8 Signs You Need To See A Therapist 

to Need To See A Therapist Your friends and family are not providing the support you need

If you have family and friends who are there for you, it can be a great feeling, especially if they’re always there when you need to talk things out. However, through no fault of their own, your loved one may begin to feel overwhelmed by your problems and not know how to cope.

Occasionally, friends may begin to pull away from those with mental illnesses. They may stop seeing you or fail to respond to your texts or calls.

Try not to blame your friend. Remember they have not receive training in treating people suffering from these problems, so it may simply be that they don’t know what to do or say.

Instead of waiting for your friends to email you back, try a therapist instead. Therapists are there to listen and will know exactly what to do and say to help you through every difficult situation. They will also be able to teach you techniques in order to cope when there’s no-one around to talk to.

You’ve found yourself turning to other methods of ‘treatment’.

When faced with hard times, many people have been known to turn to mood altering substances in an attempt to make themselves feel better, for example, alcohol, cigarettes or even illegal drugs.

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying legal substances in moderation, for example, a drink or two with friends, those who are overwhelmed may begin to abuse them, damaging their health in the process.

This could potentially lead to yet another disorder, such as addiction, making it harder to treat the original depression.

It isn’t just substances that can be addictive. Other ‘vices’ include online gaming or gambling that may be used by those who are depressed in order to block out the negativity temporarily.

You’re feeling physically unwell.

When we’re suffering emotionally, our bodies can become affected. You may find yourself experiencing headaches, aches and pains or stomach discomfort that is otherwise unexplained. Chances are, it relates to your mental condition. If you’re feeling run down, in combination with stress, sadness or other emotions, a professional may be able to diagnose the situation.

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