9 Reasons Why You Are Not Very Smart

There are a number of potential reasons why you are not very smart and to be honest the actual list is more extensive than what you see here. However, most people are going to be rather curious as to what these reasons can be, so let us begin.

Few Facts Make You Think That Things Are Similar

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes think that two events are similar and are not sure as to why? If we use the example of both Lincoln and Kennedy being assassinated, then we will often think that both of them are identical as they were both shot dead and both were presidents. However, that is where the true similarities actually end, but we get almost sidetracked by the few things that are along the same lines and we miss out on the bigger picture.

The Halo Effect

This is rather curious, but it is believed that we allow ourselves to be taken in by physical traits when deciding on how good a person is at a particular job. In one study, it was shown that when essays were identical and supplied with a photo, the essays that had a photograph of somebody that was deemed to be attractive always received higher grades than somebody that was not so easy on the eye. The same can be said with people that are taller than average because at least in the United States it is believed that taller people, on average, earn more than shorter people on a yearly basis.

mind can play so many tricks on us

In other words, we are not as smart as we think because of the ease with which our minds can be manipulated. It is crazy to think that who we are may not be anywhere near the truth and that we are capable of playing tricks on our own mind at any point in our lives. Do you really think that we are as clever as you thought?

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