9 Reasons Why You Are Not Very Smart

To Be Not Very Smart
We Suffer From Confirmation Bias

If we were as smart as we thought we were, then we could look at information and data from a neutral perspective and then make up our mind from that point. However, we are not that smart and instead we are guilty of looking at things with a biased opinion and pick out information that actually confirms what we already believe. We can largely ignore those things that go against our beliefs even when the information is right there in front of us. Indeed, we actively go out of our way to find those opinions or statistics that back up our ideas and can spend a considerable length of time doing this until we feel settled.

We Are Victims Of Our Own Misinformation

We all think that certain memories are absolutely perfect, but that is not actually the case. Instead, it has been proven that completely false memories can be created with relative ease and scientists have even done it to the extent of creating complete vacations out of nowhere. If we were as clever as we think we are, then this would not happen. Basically, it does also make you realize that who you think you are may not actually be true because your memories are not always going to be based on what actually happened and are often more of an embellishment of the truth.

We Allow Our Will Power To Be Depleted

If we were as smart as we think, would it not be the case that we would be able to control our will power better than we can? Studies have shown that the more self restraint and self control that we try to have, then instead of gaining more control we actually end up having less. This then has a knock on effect and can completely change the course of our day so one wrong decision can indeed make a huge difference to our lives and that is not really that smart, is it?

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