9 Reasons Why You Are Not Very Smart

To Be Not Very Smart
We Suffer From Brand Loyalty

This is something that is relatively new, but there are a growing number of people that suffer from brand loyalty. Yep, no matter how good or bad something is there are people that will buy it just because of who made it. There is no real sense in this because surely if we were as intelligent as we thought, then we would look at a product for what it was capable of doing and whether or not it was value for money, but instead some people will pay whatever price the manufacturer states without giving a second thought to the product itself.

We Are Biased Towards Ourselves

We are guilty of being biased towards our own self interests and this is something that affects the majority of people at some point in their lives. This is most apparent when something goes wrong and there is a tendency to automatically blame equipment or somebody else that even just had a small part to play in all of this because we are always looking at trying to shift blame from our own shoulders in order to preserve our own ego. However, the opposite is also true in that we will believe that when something goes well that it is all down to our own ability and how smart we are even if we were only responsible for a small part.

Wrong Beliefs Being Strengthened

If there is a story put on the Internet that is misleading people, then when there is some kind of a correction it leads to those that originally believed the story to believe in it even more. If we were as smart as we hoped, then we would accept the correction and change our beliefs, but this does not happen. Instead, it reinforces things in our minds and the more corrections we see, the more we believe the original story.

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