9 Ways To Impress Everyone In Any Situation 

 To Impress Everyone In Any Situation

It is a human trait to always be accepted by our peers and to impress everyone we meet along the way. Making a lasting impression may not be as easy as you would think it is, especially for someone who is not naturally outspoken. If you would want to impress someone in any situation, the trick is to understand the right maneuvers to doing so. With these ways to impress everyone in any situation, you can be the heart of a party, and be everyone’s favorite at the office as well.

Focus When Others Take Things Easy

There are times when a group of folks is laid back and relaxing, while the one you notice is the one who stand out. Take notice when people around you are getting relaxed, since that is your cue to jump up and be proactive. Stand up and hit the dance floor when everyone is just sitting down and enjoying their drink, for that’s when the focus of other people shifts to you. People are impressed by seeing the added energy that you bring in the crowd, and that is something which leaves quite an impression.

Promise Less And Deliver More

Whether it is about completing 20 pages of the accounting file this weekend, or paying your friend back the money you owe him in 2 months, always promise less than you can achieve. Tell your boss that you will try your best to finish the 10 pages, and end up doing 15 of them. At first, it may lead to a lowered expectation of your boss from you, but when you deliver more than they expected, it ill believe more in your reliability. Being reliable is always an important factor in impressing someone, so always over deliver but keep your promises low.

Let Your Actions Speak Louder

“Actions speak louder than words” may seem like a total cliche, but when it comes to real life situations, actions do leave a resonating impression compared to hollow words. As an example, if the discussion is over waking up early in the morning and going for a walk, you would appear more impressionable if you yourself wake up early in the morning and go for a walk every day. If you say things just for the sake of saying them, people are eventually going to consider you as a speaker rather than a doer.

Be Bold To Speak Up First

We often like the other person to initiate the conversation first, whether it is a romantic setup or a formal one. When you initiate a conversation, what impresses the other person is not only that you were bold enough to speak up, but value them enough to take the first step. Making the initial contact puts you in control of the conversation as well, which you can certainly use to your advantage. Even in the age of text messaging and phone calls, talking to someone face to face leaves an impression that surpasses the electronic means of communication.

Keep Your Cool

How you react to a tense situation is the deciding factor of what opinion a person carries of you. In a heated argument or an emergency situation in which you are directly related or just a bystander, your calm and cool reaction helps the people around you understand that you are strong-minded. People tend to constantly judge you based on what level of social discomfort you can take and how much pressure you can handle before you break. Keeping a cool and rigid mind in these situations leaves an impressive mark on the other person.

Be The Early Bird

Be Helpful

Be the kind of person who can be extremely useful in any form of the situation. Whether it is fixing the broken faucet at work, or taking care of the flat tire all by yourself, be the kind of person people can go to whenever they need something. While some may overdo this and end up being used by other people, keeping your helpfulness to the right levels will make you the knight in shining armor for anyone you help get out of a sticky situation. Being helpful is a trait that may come naturally to some, but you can nurture it into an impressive value.

Be Nice To Your Subordinates

Being nice to the people you impress is an obvious thing to do, but being nice to those who don’t matter that much to you is what’s important. A friendly gesture of helping the old lady to her car, or treating the waiter at the restaurant with dignity, people around you will be impressed by the fact that you treat the people who don’t even matter to you with kindness.

Be Modest About Your Achievements

The basic fact of life is that no one like a person who keeps on bragging about themselves. While you may think that talking about the intricate details of your catching your prized Swordfish makes for good conversation, the other person may consider that you are full of yourself. You always seem more impressive when you play the conversation in a modest tone, underplaying your great achievements or talents. Flaunt your talents in a way that they are enveloped in modestly so that the other person is not only intrigued by your special attributes, but impressed by how you consider that it is not a big deal.

There are several ways that you can impress anyone in any situation, just change your perspective and understand what you would find impressive in someone else. With every kind gesture you make, every unexpected move you make and every time you deliver the least expected, you will leave a lasting impression on everyone you know.

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