Alligator Dream Meaning – Must-Read Interpretations

Alligators visit millions of people yearly in their dreams. The meaning behind them is interesting and trying to detect it is definitely worth your time. Interpreting the message of seeing an alligator while sleeping is not an easy task, however. Dreams are difficult to understand and require a good knowledge of esotericism and cultural symbolism. I often get questions from our readers about them, so I decided to write a guide to help you interpret your alligator dream. After recalling what happened in detail and comparing it to the information below, you will know what your mind is trying to tell you.

Alligator Symbolism

Before discussing the specific scenarios involving alligators, it is crucial to define their cultural symbolic meanings. They symbolize:

  • Strength
  • Hunting
  • Bravery
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Achieving success without a spotlight
  • Parental instincts

The esoteric meaning behind dreams about alligators

Seeing it chasing you in water means that your mind is occupied by various distractions that weaken you and hinder your self-development. You spend so much time dealing with them, that you have no energy to focus on things that truly matter in life. Getting rid of them in the near future will be the key to your success.

Seeing it chasing you on land means that you are in a good position to avoid the problems in life. There will be challenges arising in the near future, but your mind feels confident about overcoming them. All you need to remember is to stay focused and not let yourself underestimate their difficulty. Otherwise, you will be facing them unprepared and fail.

Finding a dead alligator has a negative meaning. It can be interpreted as losing strength and bravery lately. Most likely you feel overworked and have not enough energy to continue progressing in life. It is absolutely crucial to take a sufficient break and let your mind and body recover from the stress.

Getting eaten by an alligator also carries a negative meaning. It symbolizes the weakness and the threat that will consume you unless you will try to regain the strength to fight the challenge. Such dreams often occur when people have an upcoming big project at work or a phase in life that affects the quality of their relationships. Students also dream of being eaten by an alligator before difficult exams or the beginning of the semester. In this case, I would recommend taking a very short break to reassess your abilities and avoid panicking.

Killing an alligator can be interpreted as the opposite meaning of the dream above. If you killed an alligator while dreaming, it means that you are confident about your skills and won’t have any problems dealing with difficult work demands or troubled relationship periods. It has a positive symbolism, but don’t let it make you overconfident. Otherwise, you may overestimate your abilities.

Alligator with their babies in a dream means the strong parental instinct inside you. If you already have children, then it means you think of yourself as a great parent. If not, then you will be a good mother or father. Alligators protect their children with their lives and you would do the same thing.

Dreaming about flying alligators means that you feel trapped currently and seek freedom. It is absolutely necessary for you to break the chains and experience life. The people who get stuck at dead-end jobs, can’t finish schools or leave unpleasant relationships to have such dreams.

Golden alligator symbolizes using your intelligence and energy to acquire wealth in life. If you saw one in a dream, it means that you should start using your mind to start earning more money. It will improve the quality of your life and help you with self-development.

Seeing two alligators fight each other symbolizes the negative energy building up inside you. The current environment forces you to feel pressured and experience stress. This is not easily taken by your brain. You are slowly getting impatient and it makes you aggressive. For your emotional sanity, it is necessary to address the roots of the problem and not dedicate the anger to things that have no negative effects on you. For example, if you are stressed due to your work schedule, make sure you don’t let your bad mood ruin a relationship with your partner or detach yourself from friends.

If an alligator is eating large prey in your dream, it means you will have problems with some of your friends due to different views on life. They will be acting in a way that is not acceptable for you and will force you to distance yourself from them. I recommend not to make hasty decisions and remember that we are all different. Unless they do not harm anyone with their actions, it is not worth ending a friendship because of minor differences.

Alligator eating small prey, however, has the opposite meaning. It is typically interpreted as the sign of upcoming close bonds between friends.

Do psychologists have an opinion about alligators in a dream?

Scientific interpretation of dreams involves more one to one approach. Without details from a dream, it is difficult for psychologists to tell the meaning behind any dream. Culturally, alligators are associated with danger and getting eaten, so the psychological meaning behind would be stressful thoughts and negative anticipation of the future.


Q/A – Interpreting dreams involving alligators – Answers By dream expert Jennifer Smith

Alligator inside the house and an Ex-Husband

Question: I saw a dream where a giant alligator was inside my house. It was in the living room, but it wasn’t moving. When I got closer to it to check if it was dead or alive (bad idea, I know), I’ve heard the voice of my Ex husband. He was standing behind me and asked me not to touch his new pet. We started arguing and he angrily left the house. Then the alligator started to make strange sounds. It was something in between roar and scream. I got scared and had no idea what to do with it. Then I decided that I should shoot it. I killed the alligator and it suddenly shapeshifted into my ex-husband. I was devastated, crying out that it was a mistake and I wouldn’t have done this if I knew it was him and not the alligator. I know this dream has definitely something to do with my ex, but what does an alligator symbolize here? We had a good relationship for a few years, but in the end, it became unbearable. So we ended our marriage.

Answer: The dream was indeed about your relationship with him. In this case, an alligator symbolizes the tension that got built up between you throughout your marriage. Your mind represented it as a dangerous beast. You believe that behind the drama was your husband. You also thought that with the ending of marriage you would only end the bad part, but realized that also a good part of the relationship has ended. That’s why you started to regret after killing an alligator, not realizing that behind the beast was hiding a person that you once loved very much.

Alligators in the lake

Question: There is a small lake near our summer house. We go there when the weather is nice. Our kids love to swim there and we enjoy the nice weather surrounding the place. Yesterday I had a dream about it. I was standing near the dock and I noticed something in the water. I took a close look and realized it was an alligator. I got scared and told my husband about it. Then he calmly said “yes, there are many alligators in that lake. Didn’t you know?” Then I said “why did you let our kids swim there then?” and he did not answer. What does it mean to dream of such a thing?

Answer: You don’t fully trust your husband when it comes to the safety of the kids. You may be thinking that he’s sometimes careless or does not pay enough attention to them. It happens when you worry too much about the well-being of your children. Do not let a dream to cause an argument between you and him. If there is something that bothers you about him, you should talk.

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