Bad Personality Traits That Destroy Your Character

People with bad personality traits often do not make it anywhere in life. No matter what you are or where you are, your personality will ultimately decide how you are perceived in society.  Everything about your life or your achievements goes out the window if you have unfavorable personality traits. After all, our personality is the ultimate factor that decides if we fit into a particular group of people or society. Nobody wants a successful and rich prick with bad personality traits. No amount of riches or fame can make up for the absence of a proper personality attribute.

You might as well just build a wall around your house to keep away from all forms of human interactions. It’s literally the same thing. The only valid and major difference between an animal and us is our character and the fact that we have the sense to pick a good one in order to fit in. That’s basically what we mean by “civilized society,” isn’t it?

But at the end of the day we are all but mere humans, and no matter how much we try we end up possessing certain qualities that make us undesirable.

  • Hypocritical

Let’s face it, we all possess hypocritical nature in one way or the other. It’s how Humans are designed and how we function. Some people, however, make it a point not to show that side to anyone. While we cannot eliminate this characteristic completely, we can make an effort to minimize it or prevent that from affecting people around us.

Hypocritical is the primary cause of the destruction of your character. The double-faced trait does nothing but put a big scar on your character. If you can’t follow up on what you say or promise, don’t expect people to respect you. The pathetic process of making the bold statement of believing in something and doing the complete opposite can only yield negative results. There isn’t a single soul in the world who would be okay with your hypocritical nature.

The very fact that you possess or show hypocritical nature only proves the fact that you are a person with no principle. A person without his/her principle is absolutely nothing.

  • Pessimist

When you fail to see any positive impact that a particular situation may bring about or being too critical of other’s behavior, it just makes you a huge turn off. People appreciate a positive company or someone who can support them through difficult times. Being a pessimist to other people is analogous to sprinkling salt over their open wounds. Sure, they may not be correct all the time to keep supporting them positively and sure, sometimes you have to say things out as they are. But in all those cases, you do it to help them.

There is a world of difference when you know when to act strict and tell the fact, even if that may appear rude and when you act like a “douche” by choice. Pointing the mistakes of people around you all the time or always expecting a negative outcome is something that nobody needs. People will just ignore you, and that just makes a big question mark on your character.

  • Arrogance

Probably the most common and most importantly, the worst personality trait that one can possess. If there is even a single soul that says that arrogance is not a problem then, well, we might as well just check if Pigs have started flying. To think that you’re “too good” for others and carry yourself as if you were from a different planet doesn’t exactly say “good character” or “likable” as much as it says “douche” or “self-righteous prick.” No one and absolutely no one should possess arrogant characteristics. It only yields a negative result that ultimately affects your character as well as your personal life too.

Who would want to hang out with you when all you do is talk about yourself or your exaggerated achievements? Try looking at yourself in the mirror and have the conversations that you have with other people and you’ll see how tiring and pathetic it is.

  • Short – tempered

The unknown factor of what may piss you off and start yelling for the silliest of things is something that your friends or any person may find unattractive or undesirable. Being short-tempered can ruin your friendship or relationship faster than Usain Bolt completing a 100m dash. The absence of self-control and most importantly self-anger management is a massive spoiler to your character. People usually have to be on their toes at all times and limit their conversations around you as much as possible. Yes, there may be some inconsiderate people who just talk for the sake of it and to be fair, it’s okay to let them know that it’s not okay in a commanding voice. But other than that just yelling at others because they pointed out that your hair looks different may not be a desirable personality feature to possess.

  • Selfish and Inconsiderate

Some people just talk for the sake of blending in with others. They really don’t care how their actions or words affect other people. Its all about self-promotion without caring to understand how that may affect other people. While most people really don’t realize how negatively it affects other people around them, some are just selfish and just do it despite knowing its negative results.

The best way is to always think properly before talking or bringing something new to the conversation. The fact that you can put someone down for your personal gain only makes the listeners aware of the fact that you can easily do the same to them as well.

These are but only a few negative personality qualities that destroy your character. Some more personality attributes that affect your character in a negative way are-

  • Greedy
  • Unreliable
  • Ignorance
  • Judgemental
  • Irresponsible
  • Lazy
  • Bad hygiene
  • Materialistic
  • Stubborn
  • Racist etc.

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