Seeing a Bear in a Dream – True Meaning Behind It

Bears are powerful animals and dreaming about them has strong symbolism. Interpreting the dream is not an easy task. It involves remembering details from it, analyzing the settings and comparing it to the symbolic meaning based on esoteric or psychological knowledge. I will try to help you understand the meaning of your bear dream.

Bear Symbolism

The bear symbolizes the following things in various cultures:

  • Strength
  • Hunting
  • Bravery
  • Hibernation
  • Strong parental instincts

The esoteric meaning of dreaming about a bear

There are various scenarios deciding if seeing a bear is a good or a bad sign. I will interpret some for you so you can apply to your dreams.

Seeing a bear chasing you is a negative sign. It means that you are being chased by one of the most powerful animals in the world. The chances of survival are slim and completely depend on your fitness. It can be said the same about your waking life. There are problems and difficulties chasing you and in order to overcome them, you need to be strong. Otherwise, they will consume your energy and motivation.

Bear attacking you means you are facing a problem and you are aware of it. There is a threat in your life that is tough and almost impossible to beat. Just like in a dream, you have no choice but to fight or run away. Running away from problems won’t do any good, so it is better to face and try to win. Your mind may take it as strong as a bear, but if you stay brave, the power of your problem will diminish and you will be able to overcome it easily.

Bear guiding you in the forest means you will find a mentor in life that will help you learn and develop. He or she will be an important person in the near future for your success. If you already know someone who taught you a lot, make sure you recognize them and try to learn more from their experiences.

The golden bear symbolizes financial strength. If you saw one in a dream, you will be facing lucrative opportunities and you must not miss them.

If you stumbled upon a sleeping bear in your dream, it symbolizes taking a break and slowing down. You should get ready for a vacation to reset your mind and body. You worked hard to get where you are now, but without pause, you will burn yourself out. Thus, stop working and let yourself recover from a productive period.

Seeing a bear with a cub symbolizes parenthood and family. If you dreamt of them, it means you need to take care of your family duties and dedicate more time to your loved ones. Mother bears have strong parental instincts and do everything to protect their children. You should do the same and try your best to be a great parent.

Seeing two bears fight means that you will be facing competition at work. There will be another person who will try to take your position and diminish your reputation. Dreaming of such thing is a signal from your brain to warn you about the upcoming rivalry. Listening carefully to your mind and finding inner strength will be the answer to your upcoming problematic situation.

Seeing a big group of bears means that your social reputation will be under threat in the upcoming months. Bears usually do not gather in groups. They are solitary animals and only spend time with their children. Seeing bears in unusual social situations carries a symbolism of real-life social problems.

Dreaming about hunting a bear is also quite common. Most of the dream settings that I analyze with bear hunters usually involve people having ambitious lives and want to chase animals that usually is the one chasing the prey. If you were such a hunter in your dream, it means you feel confident and want to achieve big things in life.

If a bear attacks you during the hunt and kills you, it means that your ambitious nature will be a reason for your failure. Your perception of own power and self-image are illusions. You are not as strong as you think and facing the challenges might leave you mentally drained and financially broke.

If you will be able to kill the bear during the hunt, it means you will have a successful attempt of achieving whatever your goal is. If you are in the process of going towards the set goals, then stay confident and believe in yourself.

There are some instances where bear in a dream can talk. While it heavily depends on what it says, usually talking bear symbolizes the wise spirit animal that tries to guide you. Your subconscious mind is trying to be your guide and appears to you by taking the form of a bear.

Psychological Meaning of Dreaming About Bear

Interpreting dreams with bears in them are not as easy using psychology as with the esoteric approach. Mostly it is because of the scientific methodology used to determine what the dreams mean. It is almost impossible to be accurate without knowing the details of individual dreams.

Still, the psychological meaning of bears still exists. Bear attacking you, for example, means that you feel stressed and see the images of a dangerous animal. Your brain comes sensitive to stress as time passes and needs a break.

If, for example, you saw yourself attacking a peaceful bear, it means you feel angry about something and transit aggression towards something harmless. There is another reason behind your frustration, but you are trying to avoid it. The best solution for your mental problem would be to face the real trigger of anger.


Q/A about bear dreams by a dream expert Jennifer Smith

Flying bears attacking the town

Question: Hello, I had a dream that was both terrifying and hilarious. There was an army of flying bears attacking my little town. Everything was in chaos and the people were being eaten by them. Our town is located near the wilderness, so bears often wander around near the residential areas. Thus I’m not surprised to see them in a dream. Although a massive aerial attack is indeed never happened (lol), so I was wondering what that could mean. I’m neither terrified of them nor dislike them. I was quite calm, observing what was going on. I told my parents to stay inside and everything would be over soon.

Answer: There is an unrealistic image in your dream that is linked to deep, hidden thoughts roaming in your subconscious mind. It’s good that you mentioned how you are not afraid of them in real life. Then we can eliminate the possibility of them being a symbol of the fear you associate with your small town. What I sense from your dream is that you live in a place that is not very exciting. It is pretty typical for small towns to lack entertainment sources. Hense your mind creates the images with fictional elements such as flying bears attacking the place. Perhaps in real life that is indeed terrifying, but it would make a pretty good movie that is quite exciting to watch.

Seeing a large bear during a vacation

Question: Hey Jennifer, I had a dream about bears and would love to read what you have to say about the meaning. I was on a vacation alone in a strange place. This is already unusual because I typically do not go on a vacation without my husband and kids. In fact, it never happened. It was a regular tourist town near the sea. I was sitting on the beach when I noticed a giant bear standing very close to me. I did not get scared. I was not even surprised and acted as if I was expecting a huge bear to casually come near me. I suddenly felt calm and relaxed. It was a peaceful moment and I fully enjoyed it. That bear just stood there, giving me a company.

Answer: I could sense the serenity you were experiencing in a dream. It was a beautiful one that has an obvious message behind it. Bears are solitary animals. They do not spend much time with others. It is not surprising that you saw one while being on a vacation alone. Your mind craves to have alone times. Being with the family is great, but we all need to spend some time being alone with ourselves. Your dream was a reflection of a desire hiding in your subconscious mind. It’s not about going on a vacation alone (although why not?), but about small things like taking a walk alone or meditating somewhere in the park. What’s important is to give yourself space to reflect, think, and grow.

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